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State History Schedule
The State History Schedule is a great place to begin a kindergartener or first grader in the study of history. This history schedule introduces the child to the abstract concept of history by studying history that is close to home. The schedule leads the child in studying the places they might be familiar with or could easily visit. Throughout the year, the schedule assigns simple projects, reports, and mapping assignments. These assignments introduce the child to the culture of your state, your senators and representatives, and famous people and places in your state. We send you all of this neatly placed in a 1” 3-ring binder. More Info...
State History Schedule  

State History Schedule

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Essential Books
This year our schedules take you on a trek through your state. You will learn interesting history facts and neat geography skills about your state. The World Almanac Library book on YOUR state will serve as a resource, and My First Book About (YOUR state) will serve as an activity book. We provide many helpful sheets and ideas for making history memorable.


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